The breath

Working with the breath


In this workshop we will be focusing on ampuku techniques, working on the hara, as well as

making use of the breath in an integrated way.

Working on hara and chest in a directed way of working with the internal organs. Thus supporting Ki and blood flow not only in the organs themselves but also in the meridian system throughout the body.


This approach is effective in dealing with stagnation, supporting the naturally occurring peristaltic movement and contraction and expansion of the internal organs.


Reducing tension and contractions in the core of the self and allowing the client to experience the freedom of the breath, a sense of expansion, as if they have more space in their own body for them to inhabit. This approach supports the naturally occurring detoxifying process.

The experienced sense of well-being is enhanced and because of a freer more efficient breath and detoxifying process the acidosis-alkalosis balance is more easily achieved.