Introduction to Movement Shiatsu

Development of Meridians through Movement


Bill Palmer worked for 15 years with young children with cerebral palsy. He conducted a research programme that showed how infants learn how to coordinate their physical, emotional and mental capacities through movement. He found that these movements develop precisely along the traditional Chinese meridians. This explains the location of meridians as pathways of movement along which children learn to use their body and develop their energetic capacities. By working with movement as well as touch, you can remind a client of how they originally learned these energy skills and regenerate parts of the body that are not integrated into the whole.


The workshop will introduce new techniques for working with conditions that have become deeply embedded in the personality of the client, so are resistant to change through touch alone. You will learn how to teach the client to become active within the Shiatsu session and to take the work of the Shiatsu into their lives in a way that empowers them to be a creator rather than a consumer of the therapy.