The International Shiatsu Congress was be held in London on the

16th, 17th and 18th of September 2016.

The theme of the congress is:

Advancing shiatsu therapy through research

There were:

Shiatsu swaps

Practical workshops: the breath, treating the shoulders, shiatsu for cancer

patients, shiatsu for migraines, shiatsu for alzheimer's disease, the meridians

and child development, shiatsu for autistic children, etc.

Research in the field of shiatsu

Demonstrations for the public (see below)

We have created a facebook page where you can give feedback or suggestions/ideas for workshops. We will consider every idea as long as it is feasible.

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On the last day there was be a one-hour shiatsu demonstration

open to the general public.

Their pulse rate and oxygen saturation levels were measured before and after

the shiatsu treatment.

We hope to publish a research paper on the effects of shiatsu on pulse rate

and oxygen saturation.